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Meet Waimarie

FOUNDER & designer

Kia ora! I'm Waimarie. Lover of design, pottery, plants, meditation, my people, & the small things in life. 


I started Dashper Studio in 2014 with the intention to help business owners engage with their customers through branding + web design. I believe good design is thoughtful, connective, & authentic to each client’s story.


My aspiration has always been to work together with like-minded people who appreciate creative solutions, & understand the importance of great design + the impact it can have.


Over the years, Dashper Studio has become an extension of me as a person - I like to think my approach is warm, inclusive, unique, and mindful. If this resonates with you & you're interested in working together on a branding project, then please feel free to reach out.


Love & gratitude

Wai x

Kind words


"So SO happy with my new Branding from Waimarie! She is such a treat to work with & made the process of rebranding both exciting and effortless. A magic human with wonderful attention to detail, a huge variety of concepts + ideas, & just a real pleasure to work with. Would recommend her to everyone. Absolutely in love with my branding!"


"Working with Waimarie at Dashper Studio was an absolute dream from start to finish. Wai took a very basic idea we provided & completely evolved it into a full brand portfolio that had a story & a soul. You can truly tell that she creates with her heart & only delivers perfection. We are already looking forward to working with Dashper Studio on future projects & could not recommend more!"

Danica Burghout / gypsea sol

about the space

This beautiful studio space has worn many hats. Starting out as a shearing shed & doubling as a pottery studio for my late grandma, Madeleine Dashper, from 1988-2013 in Warkworth, NZ. Nanna was well-known for her beautiful ceramic & glass work, + her regular exhibitions in the studio. My partner & I then renovated the space in 2016, developing it into my very own creative studio. This space continues to be a constant source of inspiration in my life, due to the years of creativity that have taken place before me.

Over the years, Dashper Studio has evolved into what I consider an ‘umbrella brand’ for all the things I love - primarily being graphic & web design services, however the space has also hosted a number of gatherings with my local community.  

I’m very fortunate to have access to such a beautiful studio space (and feel as though it needs to be shared!). That being said, I'm excited to open the space back up for local creatives to host workshops and classes; with the idea that the studio will become a small creative hub for the community - a nod to my dear Nanna. By doing so I'd like to place the spotlight on these creatives, their many talents, & help promote + share their businesses & services with you all.

Dashper Studio

A small selection of gatherings at Dashper Studio. Images feature Soul Connection Women's Circle with Lauren from Nourished Leaf, Sound Bath Meditation with Ash Jaques from Soul Sound, & Beginners Pottery Workshop with local potter, Judy Wood.

Gatherings that I’m manifesting

More sisterhood circles, pottery workshops, meditation, yoga, business support circles, plant & clothing swaps, + anything creative/fun & informative!

If you would like to collaborate on any of the above, or if you have an idea you’d like to discuss, please contact me here. Otherwise if you're interested in participating, all events and future workshops will be posted on the Dashper Studio Instagram page.

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