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Instagram Bundle

I’m excited to release these social media bundles for biz owners looking to take their Instagram to the next level, and to take the stress out of posting!

I've created two packages which include the essential social assets for you and your business.

They include:

1. Social media questionnaire

This gives me an idea of your social media goals, who your audience is, and how best to engage with them.

2. Instagram feed mockup

This provides an overview of your IG feeds tone, feel, and overall direction.

3. Custom Instagram squares

These will include your branding, fonts, colour palette, and imagery. Giving you content to post, along with a kickstart in your fresh new direction.

3. Custom Canva templates

Canva is a free, easy to use online editing software which I will then transfer a selection of your approved Instagram squares over to. This means you can reuse these templates, and customise them when and as you please!

Having a cohesive, consistent, and connective brand allows us to deepen engagement with our desired audience and create a trustworthy identity across all touch points. 

Please choose from the following packages:

Social Starter Package

This includes

  • Social media questionnaire

  • Instagram feed mock-up

  • 6x custom Instagram squares

  • 3x Canva templates

  • Pre-recorded video tutorial on how to edit Canva templates (optional)

Price: $265.00 + gst
Timeline: 2-3 days

Social Expert Package

This includes

  • Social media questionnaire

  • Instagram feed mock-up

  • 12x custom Instagram squares

  • 6x Canva templates

  • Pre-recorded video tutorial on how to edit Canva templates (optional)

Price: $465.00 + gst
Timeline: 4-5 days

work example - instagram feed mockup for amy kate

14 152.jpg

instagram squares for amy kate

14 15.jpg


Can I change the colour of the symbols, swirly lines, backgrounds or other elements in Canva?

Yes! You can easily change the colour of every design element, colour block, line shape and/or font in your Instagram Template. Dial it up or tone it down, have a play.

Do I need to pay for canva to use the template?

You don't need to pay for Canva. I will make sure that your templates are completely accessible in the free version of Canva. (However you may like to pay for Canva if you're planning to upload your own custom fonts, access their premium graphic elements, etc.)

Can I use the template in indesign or photoshop?

No, the templates are only accessible via Canva. I have purposefully designed Canva templates to keep it free and easy for you to use. No fancy editing skills required!

What if I want to make changes to my Instagram feed mock-up, e.g the look & feel?

No problem! Each package comes with two rounds of revisions. Should you require more, I'd be happy to give you a quote for additional work charged at my hourly design rate. 

What if there’s something else that I need, can you help with that?

I'm happy to help! Please email me so we can discuss adding any additions to your package.  

Payment options

please choose from one of the following:

1. Bank transfer

Payment in full  or  50% deposit up front, and the final 50% upon project completion

2. Credit card

Please note, payments are subject to a 3% processing fee


If you’d like to proceed with a package, then please email me now to confirm.

I'll touch base with you soon so we can lock your project into my schedule - look forward to making a start :)

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