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Love & Luna

Love & Luna offers beautiful, handcrafted crystals & products to enhance your self-love experiences. I had the honour of designing owner, Kyrin’s, very first logo back in 2016, making this an extra special re-brand project.


Kyrin wanted to shift from a vibrant pink colour palette to more muted earthy tones, & to keep the overall design relatively similar. I also suggested we explore a slightly more modern and romantic font, develop secondary + submark logos, along with some custom illustrations to be used throughout her website.


It’s incredible how a brand refresh can provide a new wave of motivation and inspiration towards your business. Grateful to be part of this next phase for Love & Luna.

scope of work

Branding, illustrations, homepage mock-up


Earthy, beautiful, sensual, intimate, connected

Black and white photo.jpg
LL Logo.png
LL Logo 3.png
LL Logo 2.png
Love & Luna - Mood + Colours 2.jpg
Black and white photo.jpg
LL Logo 2.png
LL-Web final.jpg
Love&Luna logo.png

Love & Luna's very first logo that I designed back in 2016.


New logo for Love & Luna.

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